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Everything prepared with high quality, rich taste and made fresh on Order. Healthy, Delicious and made very Special, to steal all your hearts. Our experienced Chefs ensure to give you the best and make your every order with us, the memorable moment. We are now online to serve you more.

Everything prepared with high quality, rich taste and made fresh on Order.

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Indian Curry Cuisine & Restaurant Irvine

Indian Curry Irvine is one of the rare restaurants dedicated solely to the Modern Indian cuisine mixed with Indo-Chinese food. Indian Curry Irvine is a perfect spot for those who want to venture outside of their comfort zone while also loading up on favorites like lush chicken tikka masala and crispy vegetable samosas. That’s because Indian Curry Irvine manages to serve all North South Indian and Chinese favorites too. So in between bites of lamb biryani and garlic naan, make sure to leave room for mango Lassi, the popular Indian Beverage. We assure you each Indian food dish arrives to you with incredible aromas so beautiful texture it almost makes you forget about everything else, not only is there an incredible selection of meat dishes but also huge variety of veg dishes. Try tender chicken kababs and fragrant biryanis. Every dish you try you feel it’s another hidden gem on the menu.Don’t miss on the dishes the Indian subcontinent has to offer, enjoy dishes like Dosa, a crepe made from rice and lentils to Indo-Chinese dishes like spicy stir-fried noodles, to street food favorites known as “Chaat.”

Our dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest of ingredients, fresh herbs & spices to bring you some delicious yet healthy delicacies. Our dishes are made with great attention to the recipes keeping in mind the authentic taste and flavors of the cuisine.And it’s why we are committed to giving you fresh, flavorful food. That’s great for your body. We like to serve the best Indian food and that’s why we always think of giving you the freshest and healthiest products so that you and your family get a good taste.Indian Curry Irvinemenu offers delivery and takeout online with the highest quality of the best freshest ingredients’ cuisine in 2626 Dupont Dr #850, Irvine, CA 92612with a special discount menu.